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  3. D.C. Metal oxide surge arrester 直流金屬氧化物避雷器

    D.C. Metal oxide surge arrester 直流金屬氧化物避雷器
      D.C. Metal-oxide arrester for d.c. systems to protect rolling stocks, railway vehicles, d.c. switchgears, convert station and locomotives. D.C. metal oxide surge arrester for overvoltage protection of urban metro, light rail, electrical railway, rolling stocks, d.c. switchgears and d.c. transmission & transformation system Amtech d.c. metal oxide arresters are adopted by many worldly well-known groups all over the world. Such as Bombardier, Sécheron ,Alstom, CRRC.etc. Through them, our surge arresters are used all over the world to provide reliable and sound protection to the end users’ equipment. Our company, taking the advantage of the technology of MOA for d.c. system which returned technical personnels mastered in Japan, combining with the actual situation of such system, in the full cooperation with China National Centre for Quality Supervision and Test of Insulators and Arresters and relevant design institute, organizing experts to perform...
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