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  3. Traditional metal oxide surge arrester 常規金屬氧化物避雷器

    Traditional metal oxide surge arrester 常規金屬氧化物避雷器

     Metal Oxide Surge Arresters (MOA) without Gaps for A.C. Systems

    MOA is composed of metal oxide varistors, housing (porcelain or silicon rubber), base, upper cover, grading ring etc. Our products have excellent performance in accordance with IEC international standard IEC600 99-4(2006) and China National Standard GB11032-2010 for “Alternating Current Gapless MOA”. Polymeric housed MOA manufactured by AMTECH features small size, low weight, simple manufacturing process, good sealing, explosion-proof, long working life, wounded-proof, high pollution resistance and reduced line maintenance, etc.

    Transmission Line MOA

    Line-suspended type polymeric housed MOA of 10220kV range can be used in area where lightning activity is frequent, soil resistance is high, or tower-footing impedance is high and difficult to lower the soil resistance. It can improve the lightning protection level and greatly minimize problems that may bring about by lightning strikes.

    Insulation Polymer Housing Without Interruption MOA

    Due to whole-forming for wire of high voltage terminal and core of MOA, the fully Insulated Polymer Housed MOA has the features of simple structure, excellent seal, high dielectricity and longer creepage distance. It can reduce insulation distance between MOAs, thus suitable for any installation conditions especially for limited spaces in switchgear box and high altitude, heavy pollution areas.

    MOA with Disconnector

    MOA is connected with wire via the disconnector. Under normal conditions, when lightning current and operating over-voltage current pass through MOA, the disconnector will not be actuated; under abnormal conditions, when MOA fails to operate, the disconnector will be actuated and the wire connected to the MOA will be cut off automatically, thus maintaining the continuous power supply and keeping enough insulating distance between the wire and MOA.

    Three phases combined MOA

    Three-phases-in-one combination polymeric housed MOA is designed for protecting 35kV (or lower) neutral-point non-earthing electrical equipments from damage due to over-voltage. Because of the special structure and excellent V-I characteristic of ZnO varistor, its protective performance, reliability and service life are improved. Many actual operations prove that, besides limiting lightning over-voltage, it also can limit over-voltages between phase to phase and phase to ground by switch-on or switch-off of vacuum switch. Thus protecting electrical equipments insulation and vacuum switch from flashover between phases and phase to ground. Because of its excellent protection capabilities, one set of three-phase combined MOA can replace six sets of ordinary MOAs.

    Please kindly contact for more details if you have interest in our products or information about arrester.

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