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  3. Plug-in metal oxide surge arrester (插拔式金屬氧化物避雷器)

    Plug-in metal oxide surge arrester

     Plug-in metal oxide surge arrester (according to the new national standard, it is called separated or dead-enclosure metal oxide surge arrester without gaps for a.c. systems) is also called over-voltage protection which is designed for mainly protecting 35kV and below CGIS switchgear. Application of the most superior metal oxide varistors in the world which have good nonlinear voltage versus current and steep wave response characteristics can restrict over-voltage at lower level, thus protect the CGIS switchgear from damage due to various over-voltage. Main features as follows:

    l  Application of the most superior metal oxide varistors in the world, provide reliable protection for transmitting and power transforming equipments.

    l  Adoption of the most unique and safest pressure relief device, ensure the safe performance of transmitting and power transforming equipments.

    l  Fully sealed metal housing, touch-allowed, anti-getting eclectic shock, safe and maintenance-free.

    l  With coordination of solid insulation and plug-in installation, easy and convenient to apply.

    l  The smallest and lightest product in like products at present, save more design space for clients.


    Amtech plug-in surge arrester are adopted by many worldly well-known manufacturers of C-GIS switchgear all over the world since 2006. Such as Simense, Schneider, Hyundai, Toshiba, Meidensha, etc. Through them, our surge arresters are used all over the world to provide reliable and sound protection to the end users’ equipment.


    Please kindly contact for more details if you have interest in our products or information about arrester.

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