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    ADDRESS:Room C1104,Maple-leaf Edifice,Gaoxin Road,High-tech Developing Zone,Xi an,Shaanxi,710075 China

    Company profile

    Xi’an Amtech High Voltage Equipments Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-venture founded by Singapore and China, registered in the Jinghe Industries Park in Xi’an since 1994. Sino party includes 3 electrical experts who have studied technology of surge arrester in Japan and USA in 80s, specializing in research and development of production technology, product design and product test, and there are well-trained workforce team and outstanding technique & management talents in Amtech, moreover, complete retraining system offers the opportunity of further improvement for each staff, training and preserving a number of young technical backbones to ensure the sustainable development of Amtech.

    Amtech has a 4000m2 sq.m modern plant, equipped with completely modern facilities for the production, testing and quality control of high voltage products. Amtech regards quality as life of the company, establishing a total quality management system and complete testing means in strict accordance with "ISO9001-2008 quality management system" model, being accredited with ISO9001:2001 certification from CQM which is approved by IAF/MLA group.
    Amtech products scope: Metal-Oxide Resistors, Porcelain and Polymer MOA for a.c systems and d.c systems(0.22~220kV ), Drop-out fuse, Insulators (up to 220kV),Wall bushing, SF6 Current Transformers(110~220kV), Silicon Rubber and Insulation Rods, etc.. Meanwhile, we can also produce MOA for special utility, such as Highland MOA , Heavy contamination MOA, MOA for large Creepage Distance, Three-phases Combined MOA. Amtech can design and produce different types of resistors and MOA according to customers’ needs. 
    Amtech products are popular in domestic and overseas over the decade, with good quality and sincere after-service, Amtech have been highly appreciated and trusted by the users. Amtech was honored as "Advanced foreign-investment hi-tech enterprises” by Xi’an foreign trade and economic cooperation council and recommended as “Supplier of major equipments for the first batch of urban and rural power grid construction and upgrading " by State Economic and Trade Commission in 1999.
    Our belief is “quality is the life-base of a company”, so every piece of resistors or surge arresters is produced and tested to comply with the relevant Standards of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Therefore, , we have been exporting our products to overseas such as Germany, U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, Mexico, India, Pakistan and Russia, etc.
    Our mission is to serve our customers with Best Quality Products and Best Service.
    Our vision is to be one of the top three best manufacturers in this field in China.
    Amtech extends a warm welcome sincerely to new and old customers, and have a desire to build a long, sincere and good cooperation relationship with them.
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